With our long standing history in the industry and being at the forefront of pet cremation in Colorado having introduced this service to veterinarians, we have many options to help you customize and create the best fit for you, your pet and your family. Options are listed below. Please feel free to call us at (303)-288-0177 to explore options. Also, our FAQ’s-Frequently Asked Questions page will be helpful in answering some of the more common questions.

Cremation options

  • Individual cremation— the individual cremated remains are returned to the pet owner
  • Communal Cremation— is a procedure in which multiple pets are cremated together and the cremated remains are not returned to the pet parent and are scattered in our cemetery gardens


Pet burials are very much the same as with humans with arrangements being made in person or over the phone. A plot, casket, interment, marker and care for the remaining of the year, will be determined when we meet with you.


If you would like to discuss in advance arrangements for your pets, we have options available to ease your decisions at the time your family pet will need aftercare. Making these arrangements in advance will help ease stress and create peace for your family.

The loss of a beloved pet is handled the same as with our family and friends passing. To help with your grief and to honor your pet, we’ve provided some resources for your family.

Our cherished memories of all the great love, antics and special traits of our little family members are what keep us going when we miss them most. We would be honored to place a picture and story on our Blog. Please submit via regular mail or email, we look forward to learning about them.