If my pet dies at home, could you come to our house and pick my pet up for cremation or burial?

Yes, where ever you live within the Denver metro area or I-70 corridor we can coordinate picking up your pet for cremation or burial. Please call our main line 303-288-0177 for arrangements and in the meantime, please keep your pet in a cool place such as your garage.


How Can I Be Sure I am Receiving My Pet's Cremated Remains?

Our protocol includes many checks and balances to ensure accuracy during every moment your pet is in our care. Written logs and a unique pet tag system accompanies your pet every step of the way. We are members of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories (IAPCC), abiding by strict process and procedure and are in compliance with all environmental standards.


Can I Witness the Cremation?

Absolutely. We believe in complete access and maintain an open door policy. Visitation viewing may be planned at your request before the cremation and you may also witness the actual cremation for additional peace of mind.


What Happens to Communal Cremated Remains?

Should you choose this option, we scatter the cremated remains throughout our gardens within our cemetery.


Why “Cremated Remains” Instead of Ashes?

Utilizing the term “ashes” does not correctly describe the final product after cremation. During the cremation process, the ambient temperature of the cremation chamber averages 1700 degrees. What we are left with are bone fragments or “cremated remains.”The remaining bone fragments are then processed to create a finer material similar in consistency to sand. The cremated remains may contain various shades of gray. In addition, green, blue, red and yellow organic particles may be visible in the cremated remains.


Do You Return Medical Implants with the Cremated Remains?

No, we do not return medical implants (e.g., joint replacements) with the cremated remains unless specifically requested to do so. After the cremated remains are removed from the cremation chamber, all non-combustible materials such as metallic orthopedic implants, surgical pins, screws, etc., will be separated and removed from the bone fragments.


Can Toys, Blankets or Other Items be Cremated with My Pet?

We abide by strict environmental standards and are closely monitored by regulatory agencies regarding our emissions. Because of this, we do not allow plastic toys, balls, etc. to be cremated with your pet. We will allow small swatches of beds or blankets made of natural fibers to be cremated with your pet.


Do You Offer a "Split Cremation" Option?

Yes. Your pet will be cremated per our usual protocols and you will receive duplicate urns, paw prints, engraved tags and certificates. This option is frequently requested for families, siblings or co-owners of the pet. Additional fees do apply. Please contact us for further information.