A "Jump" into American History
Sergeant Geronimo WWII,
507th Parachute Infantry Mascot

geranimo-badge_smThe hallow grounds of Safely Home Denver Pet Cemetery & Cremation Services contain the warm memories of thousands of amazing pets that have passed onto the Rainbow Bridge. Perhaps the most colorful pet that rests at Safely Home DPCCS is the world famous coyote-German Sheppard mix named Geronimo. Beginning life as a stray puppy, Geronimo found his forever home with a young member of the Army named Kenneth Williams. Mr. Williams instantly developed a deep bond with Geronimo and the unlikely duo became some of the first paratroopers during World War II.

Williams rigged a custom parachute harness for Geronimo. By his fifth jump out of an airplane, Geronimo was a seasoned veteran and had to be held back by two men so he wouldn’t jump until they reached their intended target. On the battlefield, Geronimo was tasked with bringing medical supplies to soldiers. During one mission, Williams became trapped under fallen debris and Geronimo stood by his master and solicited help by barking. After Williams was injured in another tour mission, the duo was discharged from active duty.

Geronimo’s contribution to the war effort increased dramatically after being discharged. He participated in air shows across America that helped generated over $16,000,000 million dollars in war bonds, out fund raising the legendary Bob Hope. Geronimo’s name lives on in the American lexicon. Every time a child screams “Geronimo” for courage before leaping they pay tribute to this four-legged American hero, same as all World War II paratroopers did when jumping from their airplanes.

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